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Victor Point Packs the Gym for Beauty & the Beast

As the lights slowly grew brighter over a spellbound audience, applause erupted in the Victor Point Elementary gymnasium. With spectators overflowing to standing room only, the 2nd through 8th grade actors performed Beauty and the Beast with talent, confidence and maturity. By the time the production was over, the enthusiasm and contagious energy in the room was almost palpable.

“It feels like a professional drama production you would be watching at the Elsinore Theatre. The production was a full-blown musical with several different roles catching the spot light,” said Victor Point and Evergreen Principal Jamie McCarty, “I don’t think it could have come together any better this year.”

For many students at Victor Point, their acting experience begins in 2nd grade and continues through their 8th grade year. With the help of volunteers, parents, teachers and friends, the students are given the chance to be a part of something outside of their typical studies.

“At a young age I fell in love with acting. Since then it has helped me grow and become a natural leader,” said 8th-grader Delaney Strandberg. “Acting has let me make new friends and try new experiences. It’s pushed me to be a better person and my passion for acting will never fade.”

For Miss Lierman and Mrs. Douglas, the teachers who volunteer to direct the productions annually, the community involvement and student experiences are what makes it all worthwhile.

“We work so hard and we love the outcome of our productions. It is a great way to unify the school and express yourself through a positive outlet,” said 8th-grader Libby Grogan.

Although the students made the production appear effortless, fully becoming a character that is often quite different than one’s day-to-day reality is no small task.

“I like to see what it takes to become the best you can be,” said 8th-grader Isabel Rogg.

With Beauty and the Beast still lingering in the minds of the actors and spectators, next year’s production is already in the works. Armed with confidence and ambition, all those involved plan to continue perfecting their craft and delivering shows that render the audience speechless.

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