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SHS Freshman Class Shines

For many students, making it to school everyday is an intentional choice. It requires a lot of individual responsibility and effort. Not every student has someone to help wake them up in the morning and get them to school. Not every student has the privilege of worrying more about doing their homework than obtaining their next meal.

Due to these factors and others,  the average attendance rate for Oregon freshman students was 92.8% in 2017, according the Oregon Department of Education. This year, despite all odds, Silverton High School Freshman did their part to raise this statistic by achieving a 95% attendance rate.

Understanding that each student’s situation is different and learning to meet them where they are is a huge key to our success as a whole,” said Silverton High School Student Success Advocate Esmeralda Meraz.

The Silverton High School team also realizes that attendance is just one piece in the puzzle when it comes to successfully reaching academic goals. Besides encouraging students to go to class, SHS also hosts a Remediation, Intervention, & Extension (RIE) Program for students who need a little bit of extra time to get work done after school. As a result of these initiatives, progress is being made and big goals are being set.

“My vision for the class of 2021 is big! The basic foundation for success is there: 305 out of 340 students had a 2.4 GPA or higher first semester. So my vision for 2021 is that they will not merely survive high school, but they will thrive at SHS and their time here will propel them into their adult lives,” said SHS Freshman Counselor Kevin Ortega. “My vision is for them to be a truly inclusive group, going out of their comfort zones and building respectful relationships with friends of every stripe. I hope that they will set a positive tone that influences the SHS culture for years to come.”

For Silverton students, their time as high schoolers will set the tone for the rest of their lives. They are influencers, doers and overcomers. Alongside their friends, family, and SHS faculty and staff, these students can achieve anything they set their minds to.

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