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Evergreen School Donates Over $400 for Red Cross Coin Drive

In their recent fundraiser, Evergreen Elementary School students raised just over $400 in a coin drive for Red Cross. The $402.87 donation was then sent to help families living in Puerto Rico who are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Maria. Many students also wrote notes that were shipped alongside the donation.

The coin drive kicked off as students learned about Hurricane Maria’s devastation, and how the American Red Cross helps people both generally and in crisis situations.

“Our students could not believe that there are families still without power,” said kindergarten and first-grade teacher Michelle Buckley. “We were excited to learn how the Red Cross helps families in crisis and how our donation would help. We talked about what it would be like to have school without power. Our classroom has tiny windows so it would be really dark.”

According to Buckley, the students were excited to show their support for the families in Puerto Rico.

“Every year we look for opportunities to help others in our city, our country, or the world.  We chose Puerto Rico as it was the hardest hit of the recent natural disasters and the slowest to rebuild and recover due to their economics and isolation. We are so grateful to the students and families who model caring for others in many ways. At a busy time of the year, they did their part to help others in need.”


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