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Silverton Students Participate in the Hour of Code

Students in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Program at Silverton High School participated in “Hour of Code” as a part of Computer Science Education Week. It was a great opportunity for them to experience coding and consider a career in technology.

With support from CodeHS staff, students were able to write software that gives commands to a computer, create a web page, and design digital art in Pixels. Advanced students created real mobile apps and built shapes in a virtual reality world.

“Computer programming is sometimes called Coding, but we are programing for more than just computers,” said Craig Rankin, Computer Science instructor. “We are writing programs that will run on a variety of devices, like phones, tablets, and just about anything that will search the internet.”

District and school administrators are very supportive of Career & Technical Education programs such as health occupations, agriculture, emergency preparedness, and technology. Many of these fields offer career paths directly out of high school.

“Students at Silverton High School have access to a growing number of classes, ranging from Computer Programing & Technology Networking to Computer Aided Drafting & Digital Media Production,” said Drew Hinds, Technology Director and CTE Instructor.

Enrolling in these classes will allow students to explore opportunities in a world that is rapidly growing dependent on technology. The Silver Falls District Technology Plan emphasizes computational thinking, a concept based on solving complex technological problems as well as understanding and designing systems. Through this core curriculum, students gain necessary skill sets to participate and thrive in modern school and work environments.

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