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Making Time for Success in High School

Time. Between a full load of classes, sports, clubs, and other activities, time is something today’s high school students can’t take for granted. Sometimes students need a little extra time for support to be successful in high school, while other students may need time to reach for a new challenge. Beginning November 30th, Silverton High School is setting aside extra time for students to focus on their goals with a new schedule for the Remediation, Intervention, & Extension (RIE) Program. The program, led by SHS teacher Heather Bashor, gives a select group of students an extra 60 minutes at the end of the school day on Thursdays to work directly with teachers or get involved with projects that will help them extend their learning.

According to Bashor, students may be selected for the RIE program by their teachers or they may sign up for extension opportunities or ask to be requested on their own.

“RIE allows dedicated time for teachers to focus on those students who need extra support and those who want extra growth opportunities,” said Bashor. “It also gives students time to work individually or on projects in computer labs or in the commons. It motivates them to stay on top of their studies with the reward of time.”

Bashor explained that one of the biggest issues for high school teachers and students is time. Teachers need time to connect with students to help them look at their progress, complete missing work and explore extension activities, interests, college and club activities.

“I like knowing that I have time to seek help and take advantage of help and resources when they are available instead of remaining quiet and struggling on my own,” said SHS senior Jerrion Duckworth.

RIE is an important time for students because it can make the difference between a diploma, a career opportunity, college, or a scholarship.

“RIE helps me to get my work done,” said SHS senior Thomas Craig. “Having RIE at the end of the day and for a longer session of time helps me to not feel as rushed. I can stay after school if I need to. It’s really nice to get the help.”

The RIE program has been around for several years, but has changed format. The Thursday format is similar to an older model and seems to be working better for students and teachers.

“I would tell other students to take the opportunity while you can. Get the help now! Once you graduate, it will be gone,” said Duckworth.

Craig added “Don’t take it for granted. It really does help. It offers a lot of time to be spent doing work.”

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