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Victor Point is welcoming inside and out

The Victor Point School team has a way of making kids feel safe and welcome from the moment they arrive at school until it’s time to head home. Before school starts, teachers and staff members step outside and into the hallways to greet students with singing, high fives, knuckle bumps and smiles. It’s just part of the culture at the small K-8 school. This year, thanks to a seismic upgrade grant from the state, the building itself is even more welcoming because every wall has been structurally reinforced, sanded and painted.

“The construction team went above and beyond,” said Victor Point Principal Jamie McCarty. “In addition to the structural work, we have new energy-efficient, LED, motion-censored lighting, new siding on the building, new floors and the inside and outside of the building has been painted.”

According to McCarty, what’s happening inside of the building is even more impressive.

“We have an incredible team and involved parents. They are what make this school great,” said McCarty.

Leading in reading

Victor Point ranks 7th in state with 86 percent of students meeting state standards in reading. That puts the small school in the top 2% in Oregon. McCarty said that reading scores are a school-wide success with extra support from 3rd grade teacher Lisa Friesen for her work to organize book fairs and “Reading Under the Stars Night”.

“Ms. Friesen has a genuine talent and ability to instill the love of reading into all of her students with her relentless passion and enthusiasm,” said McCarty.

McCarty explained that the school’s teachers have high expectations and the students meet them. The Victor Point staff meets in teams after every STAR assessment to celebrate successes and plan interventions for students who need extra support or extra challenges.

“We track every single student because we want to look every parent in the eye and say ‘we know your kid and we’re doing everything we can to make sure he or she is growing.”

Positive behavior counts

Positive reinforcement is also an important part of the school’s culture.

“We don’t use referrals for behavior. Everything is a learning that helps us grow,” said McCarty.

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