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Who Let the Sum Dogs Out at Evergreen School?

Students from Angi Miller’s 2nd and 3rd grade class at Evergreen School recently took 9th place in a national online math competition called Sumdog. That’s right, number NINE in the nation for their hard work and mad math skills. In fact, students in all four Evergreen School classrooms made a strong showing in the most recent Sumdog competition, all placing among the top five in the Willamette Valley region.

When asked how they became so good at math, the students in Mrs. Miller’s class were quick to raise their hands with answers. Here are just a few of the responses they shared during a recent Evergreen visit from SFSD Superintendent Andy Bellando…

  • “We tried super hard!”
  • “We didn’t race through the questions!”
  • “We learned from our mistakes the first time!”
  • “We paid attention!”
  • “We have the best teacher!”
  • “We practiced at home by counting silverware and measuring when we cook!”

Miller said she gets to enjoy the cooking “homework” when the kids bake using math skills and bring cookies to school to share with the class.

“We talk a lot about listening and learning from our mistakes,” said Miller who asked the kids to share the class mottos with Mr. Bellando.

“Every mistake is a chance to learn” and “If you listen, you can learn something new everyday,” the students announced in unison.

As for the Sumdog competition, the entire district is proud of Evergreen’s success and Mrs. Miller’s class.

“When I heard how well you did with Sumdog, I felt very proud of all of you and your hard work,” said Bellando to the class.

Student Luke Horner, grade 2 had the highest score in the competition answering 979 our to 1,000 questions correctly.

Evergreen has a history of academic excellence ranking in the top two percent of state test scores.

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