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Victor Point teachers find innovative ways to engage students

When it comes to teaching “outside of the box,” the team at Victor Point School is ahead of the game. With a focus on technology and engaging students in learning, the hallways and classrooms are filled with energy and enthusiasm.

“We are using technology to help meet students at their individual level and work to help them shine,” said Jamie McCarty, principal for Victor Point and Evergreen schools.

In Michael Timmons’ 6th grade math class, mistakes are not a bad thing.

“We’ve moved away from the traditional method of correcting assignments and giving them back with answers marked ‘wrong’,” said Timmons. “We don’t ding kids for making mistakes, instead we celebrate learning from mistakes and encourage students to collaborate with each other to solve problems.”

Timmons’ students seem to understand the value.

“Mistakes are almost a good thing in our class. To our teacher, Mr. Timmons, mistakes are a learning opportunity to learn and become better. Learning from your mistakes is first priority in our class,” said Aiden Kelley, grade 6.

Amy Bishop’s 8th grade writing students have moved to a paperless model using Google Docs to create and edit papers. With Google Docs, students upload their papers to a shared folder where they can collaborate and receive real-time feedback on their writing from Bishop and their peers.

“This tool makes is possible for me to provide specific and individual coaching to students as they are writing. I can watch their progress, ask questions, and make comments directly on their assignments in real-time. It is much more specialized to each child,” said Bishop.

According to Bishop, working with students online is also much more productive.

“We are able to get through 10 times more work because the kids are not standing in line at my desk waiting for feedback. I can answer questions and have online conversations with multiple students from my computer as they are working,” said Bishop.

Bishops students are finding the Google Docs tool helpful as well.

“Before using Google Docs it was hard to edit. Now I can revise and edit, even at home, with feedback from many people. I am definitely more confident as a writer now,” said Rayna Voltin, grade 8.

Learn more about how Google Docs works in the classroom.

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