SFSD Graduation Rates Hold Strong

SFSD graduation rates continue to exceed state averages across all student groups and in Special Education, the district is far ahead of the state. With 80 percent of the district’s special education students graduating from high school compared to less than 60 percent state wide, SFSD in on the right track.

“We are extremely proud of our strong graduation rates and the steady increase we’re seeing among students with special needs,” said SFSD Superintendent Andy Bellando. “We know we still have work to do in getting to our goal of graduating 100 percent of all students, including those who are part of our Migrant, English Language Learner and Special Education programs. Our five year graduation rates are also at the highest we’ve seen and that is an important milestone for our students who need extra support in earning their diplomas.”

Bellando credits SFSD Special Programs Director Dana Pedersen and the district’s Special Education team for the steady growth in graduation rates among students with special needs.

“Our district is large enough to support the funding and resources we need for special education, but it’s also small enough to allow our team to provide a very creative and individualized educational experience for our students with diverse learning needs,” said Pedersen. “We are able to keep a close watch on every kiddo from Kindergarteners to the young adults in our Transition Program.”

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