Oregon Battle of the Books in Full Swing

Silver Falls School District students from grades 3 through 12 have been flexing their reading muscles to prepare for the annual Oregon Battle of the Books competition. With support and encouragement from Christy Sander, OBOB coordinator and instructional coach, and Karyn Buchheit, SFSD parent and OBOB coach, students are gearing up to get in the game.

“OBOB gives students who are more academically inclined an opportunity to experience the excitement of a team competition. It’s something everyone can be part of and the kids have a lot of fun,” said Sander.

There are three divisions in the OBOB competition. One includes grades 3-5, the next covers grades 6-8 and the other is for grades 9-12. Each division has an age-appropriate reading list that includes many different genres from fantasy and science fiction to historical and non-fiction. Students in the two younger divisions read 16 books and high school students read 12.

“Sometimes kids get stuck in a certain genre and this competition inspires them to read books they might not pick on their own. Often times they discover a book through OBOB and then they go on to read the rest of the series,” said Sanders.

Buchheit, mother of two SFSD alumni and two kids currently attending SHS, said students become very engaged in OBOB and often recommend books for the reading list.

“I love seeing the kids get so excited about reading and discussing the details of the books. They even talk about books from past years,” said Buchheit.

“When you read, you get to imagine the picture in your head,” said Evergreen student Lillian Prough, grade 4. “I like how OBOB leads me to new books, which leads me to reading new series,” added fellow Evergreen 4th grader Zibby Koch.


This year, Silverton High School is hosting the regional competition for middle and high school students on March 18. Volunteers to serve as timers and scorekeepers are needed. To volunteer, contact sander_christy@silverfalls.k12.or.us.

Learn more about OBOB: oregonbattleofthebooks.org.

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