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Foxes Help Bring Christmas Cheer to Town of Joseph

We’re never surprised when SFSD students demonstrate exceptional character, but we’re always proud. Last month, four of our Silverton High School seniors were driving back from a camping trip, when they passed through the tiny town of Joseph as a group of residents was working to raise the town Christmas tree. When heavy winds began blowing, SHS Foxes Ethan Crofts, Cole Visser, Wade Luthi and Barrett Meisenheimer stopped to help. Two hours later, the tree was secure in its place.

According to a news article in the Wallowa County Chieftain, the students were helping to raise Joseph’s first town Christmas tree in more than a decade. The town had gone without a tree for many years because of drought and had negotiated to secure this 27-footer from the Ferguson Ridge ski area.

“It’s the only time I’ve been around four teenage boys for such a long period and not once did a cell phone or Ipad come out. They were so helpful, like they belong here,” read a quote from Joseph citizen Lem BcBurney in the Chieftain article. The article also called it a Christmas miracle.

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