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Robert Frost Elementary Back to Three Grades

Things are back to normal this year at Robert Frost Elementary as the school resumes its three grade configuration (now third through fifth). Last year, the school was the temporary home of four grade levels as the Silver Falls School District prepared for the transition from Mark Twain Middle School to Silverton Middle School.

“We couldn’t have had a better person than Principal Roache to manage the transition of adding 115 third graders at Robert Frost,” said SFSD Superintendent Andy Bellando. “Ms. Roache is flexible, responsible and asked all the right questions while engaging the team, students and families.”

“The team was amazing and we all felt really positive about the work we did last year,” said Roache. “This year, we felt so ready and prepared when the school year started. We really feel like we can rely on each other.”

A focus on reading, math and music

To reinforce the concept that math is used in all areas of life, the school is focusing on incorporating it into all subjects. “We’re weaving math into all areas, including reading, music and PE,” Roache said. “We want our students to learn math as a life skill, not just something you do for an hour everyday at school.”

“I use math at home with my dad because he works on hardwood floors and he does a lot of math,” said Robert Frost third grader Maggie Sisk.

Students also have music lessons twice a week with band teacher Tim Duffy. Duffy is now teaching at multiple schools in the district.

In addition, Robert Frost students are getting more reading support with the introduction of reading coaches. The extra staff makes it possible to work with students in smaller reading groups. Robert Frost students also had access to the school library every Monday throughout the summer thanks to librarian Jackie Renoud.

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