Principals reflect on accomplishments of school year

It’s hard to believe another school year is quickly drawing to a close. We asked some of our principals to share their school’s proudest moments and greatest accomplishments of the past year and what they are looking forward to next year.


Bob and Heidi Ostrom wrote:

“Each year, Evergreen’s end of year assessments are exceptionally strong. We are always very proud of that. Next year, having Jamie McCarty as principal, sharing time between Victor Point and Evergreen, will ensure a consistent presence for Evergreen.

“We are so proud that last Christmas Evergreen K – 5th graders chose to hold a coin drive in lieu of class parties and gift exchanges. They raised $600 for Heifer International. The funds will be used to bring clean water, a water buffalo and other small animals to a village.”

Silverton High School

Mark Hannan wrote:

“I am very proud of our 90 percent graduation rate. Our staff has worked very hard to get this number closer and closer to our goal of 100 percent. We still have a ways to go, but we are headed in the right direction.”

Robert Frost

Leslie Roche wrote:

“Robert Frost’s proudest moment has been seeing third through sixth grade attend school together and work cooperatively. Each afternoon watching sixth grade reading buddies working with third graders illustrates how much our community has come together for the best of all students this year.

“We are so excited for the adventure our fifth and sixth graders are embarking on to start a brand new Silverton Middle School. We are even more excited to get down to the business of learning as an elementary school with third, fourth, and fifth graders.”

Silver Crest and Victor Point

Jamie McCarty wrote:

Silver Crest“The most notable accomplishment at Silver Crest is the K-8 reading program and the teachers, students, boosters and parents all working toward a common goal of literacy opportunities across all grade levels. There was a HUGE fundraising effort that has allowed us to have so much more opportunity for each child to be a successful reader and “Grow a Love of Reading.” We have established an entire data room that will be used for leveled readers as well as staff meetings to discuss students and data. I have had a number of Silver Crest parents tell me they have enjoyed the relationship we have built the last couple of years and they have seen the school make great strides. That is always fun to hear.

“At Victor Point, our students had wonderful opportunities because of the tremendous support of our teaching staff as well as our wonderful parents and our PTCC. Our students were able to experience band for the first time this year as well as Lego robotics, outdoor school, incredible field trip experiences, a great middle school elective offering, advanced math options, a drama production with nearly 50 student roles, as well as a shared technology plan with our PTCC that is moving in a direction that will give our students devices that will enhance learning.”Victor point

McCarty will be the principal at Evergreen next year and shared:

“I’m looking forward to working with a new staff at Evergreen. I’m really looking forward to developing relationships with each person and finding ways to support them daily. I’m also looking forward to my third year at Victor Point and being at the school more often and a more consistent support for students and staff.”

Scotts Mills

Kirstin Jorgenson wrote:

“The Olympics ceremony was one of our proudest moments. Our students ran the mileage to Rio de Janeiro. It was a great school-wide activity. Each class selected a country to represent and dressed up in amazing costumes created by staff and parents and paraded onto our field. Students earned gold, silver and bronze medals based on number of miles ran. We then had former Olympic decathlete Dave Johnson here for a special presentation.

“The first year in a job is always challenging — figuring out the ins and outs of a new building, getting to know staff, students, and parents, and the customs and culture of the school. I look forward to having this first year under my belt. This year we began implementing PBIS and we have a lot of great ideas for how to improve the system for next year.

“One of the things I love about a K-8 building is the opportunity for the ‘bigs’ to mentor and support the ‘littles.’ We are currently piloting a program called “conflict managers,” where our seventh and eighth grade students are helping to keep students safe and to make respectful and responsible choices at recess. The conflict managers wear Scotts Mills jerseys and carry a clipboard that includes school rules and expectations. They also can give out “gotcha” slips for those students they see being safe, respectful, responsible, and kind. I am very proud of the students who applied to be conflict managers, as they are eating early and giving up lunchtime with their peers in order to perform this role. A special thank you to April Murphy, our behavior specialist, for her help and time in putting this together.”

Mark Twain

Nancy Griffith wrote:

MarkTwainSenBr2016_7“I was very proud of our senior breakfast this year staffed by the awesome Mark Twain Middle School staff and students. It was the last senior breakfast at the Church Street venue. Past principals, teachers, classified staff and students warmly visited and ate while Mark Twain’s very own award-winning choir serenaded them. All in all, it was a huge success, with over 85 student volunteers and 18 staff/community members and spouses.”

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