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Cafeteria Changes See Positive Results

The Silver Falls School District went through a revamp of its food services program last year and the turnaround has been extremely positive. Changes include offering a new menu that provides students with more entrée options and fresher foods that are locally grown and prepared on site. The district no longer purchases prepackaged foods.

According to Assistant Superintendent Dandy Stevens, more students are buying lunch at school than ever before. Students are also learning to make healthier eating choices.

“We have provided staff with more training and continued education, purchased updated and safer equipment for our cooks and have made improvements to our customer service and food presentation,” said Stevens.

The revamp was necessary in order to comply with the requirements of the national food service program and to make the district’s cafeterias more cost effective while offering fresher and healthier food options.

Summer lunch program a success

The 2015 summer lunch program was hugely successful, serving 2,449 more meals than the year before. According to Assistant Superintendent Dandy Stevens, adding an additional site at Silverton City Park played a role in the program’s success. The district plans to run this year’s program a little differently to accommodate school district construction.

“We are also hoping to increase availability by going to where the children are and encouraging them to come out and take advantage of the program,” said Stevens. Stay tuned for information.

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