Victor Point Staff Show True Meaning of “School Spirit”

Last year, staff at Victor Point knew that its sister schools – Pratum Elementary and Silver Crest were going through a rough time, following the loss of their beloved principal, Mark Recker, to cancer.

Victor Point staff wanted to reach out to the other two schools and offer encouraging words and good wishes. In the fall, VP staff sent notes to Silver Crest and Pratum teachers letting them know they were thinking of them and wishing them a terrific year. A basket of goodies and holiday wishes were sent in December. For Valentine’s Day special kindness cards and goodies were sent to each school with a heartfelt hand written note to each teacher.

“I was really touched and surprised by the genuine care and sincerity my staff showed toward their peers,” said Victor Point Principal Jamie McCarty. “Days go by so fast and we can all barely keep up with the ins and outs of our own lives. It took a lot of effort to reach out, but everyone wanted to be a part of it.”

Staff at Silver Crest and Pratum were truly grateful for the random acts of kindness bestowed upon them. And, according to McCarty, one of the best rewards was the example set for Victor Point students.

“Silver Crest, Victor Point, and Pratum are such wonderfully small knit outlying schools that stay connected and support each other throughout the year,” said  Christine Guenther who teaches Kindergarten at Silver Crest Elementary. “The thoughtful cards and food sent to us showed support as we passed through a very sad time.”

According to Principal McCarty, both schools do a lot of teaching around gratitude.

“We talk a lot about kindness, gratitude and giving rather than getting,” McCarty said. “True leaders are true models of what it is they want the outcome to be. The staff at Victor Point are true leaders and outstanding role models. They are consistently looking for ways to be team players and take care of each other. In this case they took it one more step and went to our neighboring schools.”

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