Silver Falls Teachers and Staff Enjoy Wellness Activities

For the third year, the Silver Falls School District has received an Oregon Education Association grant to implement an employee wellness program. Teachers and staff and even students are enjoying a host of activities designed to keep them healthy.

“The program focuses on the three areas of the wellness triangle: physical health, social health and mental health,” said Marie Traeger, Silver Falls grant coordinator. “We want to support and motivate teachers and staff to bring about positive, sustainable changes in their health and wellbeing.”

Every school in the district has a wellness team that plans activities for their school. Silverton High School has a weekly cross fit class, and the wellness team recently organized a competition during the homecoming dress-up days (check out a group of high school teachers rocking their 80’s gear during Decades Day above!). At Scotts Mills, all students and staff meet in the gym for calasthestics. Staff at the District office are encouraged to park in the far corner of the parking lot and walk to the office. Mark Twain School staff participated in a 21-day junk food detox.

Other activities are designed to encourage social interaction among staff. For instance, SHS holds staff dress up competitions during homecoming week. Teachers throughout the district are encouraged to eat together in the lunchroom.

“Our goal is to help everyone stay healthy,” said Traeger. “If people are healthier they are happier and better at their jobs.”

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