New Principal Sees Super Things Happening at Scotts Mills

When Kirstin Jorgenson was a child she dreamed of attending a rural school, just like her cousins.

“I grew up in Silverton and attended in-town schools,” she explained. “I was always envious of my cousins who went to rural schools. I really longed for that small school, close-knit community experience.”

So when she saw the opportunity to become principal at Scotts Mills School, she jumped at the chance.

Formerly the principal at Robert Frost, Jorgenson said she always felt a strong connection to the Scotts Mills community and the K-8 school model. “In a small school setting, you really get to know the students and their families and have that personal connection.”

Just a short time into the school year, Jorgenson has already started forming those connections. “The families here are awesome,” she said. “They really chip in. Some of our parents donated glass backboards for the gym and before school started, a group of students and their parents held a school beautification day.” According to Jorgenson, they purchased and spread bark dust, trimmed trees and pulled weeds.

“The work they did was amazing. They really made the school sparkle,” Jorgenson added.

Jorgenson also pointed out other exciting Scotts Mills developments. For the past two years, the school has been a pilot for full day kindergarten, now implemented across the district (and state). Scotts Mills has also received a grant to implement PE every day. This helps keep the kids active and gives the teachers extra prep time.


“Helen Plov is our PE teacher and she is super excited to be taking on this new role,” added Jorgenson. “We really have great teachers, staff, parents and kids here.”

“I thank the district for supporting me in this position change, as it has revitalized my career,” said Plov. “I’ve always enjoyed teaching PE in the upper grades, but this position allows me to provide physical education to all our students on a daily basis. Working with the younger ones in a PE setting has presented new challenges but even greater rewards. If I can find a way to tap into the energy of those young ones, I may teach until I’m 80!”

Encouraging creativity and imagination at home

Jorgenson has a special request for Scotts Mills parents. She would like examples of how you encourage creativity and imagination in your children at home. Please send her an email at

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