“We Are One” video needs support

The Silver Falls School District is collaborating with Ignite Motion Pictures of Silverton for the creation of a three-minute video that would “highlight the unity and strength present in the communities of our school district.”

“Together…cultivating character and academic growth in each student – Every day’” is the anthem that reaffirms the district’s dedication to each student.

“The video will showcase the power of one student and what it means to come together as one school district and what we can achieve together,” said Superintendent Andy Bellando. “The end result will be a tool to enhance pride, collaboration and share the Silver Falls School District message. It will speak a universal message crossing all age demographics and into each community Silver Falls SD serves in order to convey a strong and powerful core culture and theme – an anthem to unite.”  The video is scheduled to be released in September.

The video is funded entirely by donations.  As of early June, nearly 75% of the $8,950 needed for the video had been raised from community members, parent clubs, and local businesses and non-profit organizations.

This is a call to action for people to get behind the school district and to unify with a clear message and reminder of what is most important,” said Bellando. “Together, by casting aside our differences and working toward common goals, we can reach a higher potential for each and every child, every single day.”

To donate, please visit: http://www.gofundme.com/n7xxss.

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