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A High Tech Approach to U.S. History

Thanks to teacher Scott Guptill, students at Mark Twain Middle School are learning social studies and gaining valuable technical skills at the same time. Through the production of video newscasts relating to U.S. History, they are gaining hands-on modern technology experience while exploring the past.

Recently, the students in Guptill’s classes worked in small groups to understand and highlight the Bill of Rights.

“The students research the Bill of Rights, write scripts for their news segments and use teleprompters, green screens, PowerPoint, Google Docs and other technology to produce these videos,” said Guptill. “They come up with some creative stuff.”

Eighth graders Sydney Bersin and Haley Deyoung produced their newscast on the first amendment.

“We thought freedom of speech was pretty important. We had a lot more fun learning about it this way,” said Bersin who also described the challenges of working in groups and managing different values and beliefs.

“You get to experience it instead of sitting and staring at a page of words,” said Deyoung who partnered with Bersin to produce a newscast using a Harry Potter background.

“I almost wanted to be a newscaster, but I’m re-thinking that,” said Bersin.

You can check out the videos these creative students made over here on Vimeo.

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