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Victor Point School Shines

Principal Jamie McCarty has worked in education for 18 years, but he says his current job is his most rewarding yet. As principal for both Victor Point and Silver Crest schools, he seems to have a full plate and a full heart. It doesn’t take long to understand that he is extremely proud of both schools. During a recent visit to Victor Point with Distirct Superintendent Andy Bellando, McCarty had a lot of great things to say about the team, students and families.

“Every single staff member puts the best interest of the kids first,” said McCarty. “The high level of instruction that these teacher provide day to day is outstanding and I couldn’t be more pleased with what every student is receiving.”

According to McCarty, Victor Point ranks among the top 5% in the state for academic achievement thanks to great teachers, staff and students as well as a strong sense of community and family involvement.


Teacher Megan Lierman (third from left) works with eighth grade students Kaitlyn Barnes (far left) Ben Valoff (second from left) and Rachel Looney (right) to study kinetic and potential energy using equipment purchased by the Victor Point Parent Teacher Club (PTC)

A recent example of parent support includes a donation of $8,000 from the Victor Point Parent Teacher Club (PTC), which helped purchase science lab equipment for grades 6, 7 and 8.

Science teacher Megan Lierman explained that she is proud of the parent involvement and student success at Victor Point. “We have really high expectations for students and that helps them excel,” said Lierman.

According to eighth grader Kaitlyn Barnes, Lierman is a great teacher.

“Ms. Lierman is really fun. She’s always cracking jokes and singing,” said Barnes.

As you’re walking through the halls of Victor Point School, you find a lot of smiling faces. Students, teachers and staff alike seem genuinely happy and positive.

“Our school is very community oriented and we have a lot of parent support so we have the best job,” said Vonda Meyers who teaches 1st grade. “It’s a special school because we know every kid and we’re connected to them even when they’re not in our classrooms,” added Lisa Friesen who teaches 3rd grade.


Transportation team members Brian Buck and Rachael Wakefield wait to drive students safely home from Victor Point School.

The positive vibe at Victor Point extended beyond the classroom walls and into the school bus outside where two members of the transportation team waited to deliver the students safely home.

“Hanging out with the kids is really cool,” said school bus driver Brian Buck. “I think we see them more than anyone else besides their teachers.”

Rachael Wakefield, who also drives for the District, is carrying on a family tradition of getting kids to and from school safely everyday. Her mom, who has been a school bus driver for 24 years, inspired her to get involved.

“I’ve even created a playlist of groovy, age-appropriate music that’s been officially approved for the students,” said Wakefield.

Principal McCarty was clearly proud to share some of the great things happening at Victor Point and is looking forward to showing off his team and students at Silver Crest in a future issue of the SFSD eNewsletter.

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