Month: February 2018

SFSD January 2018 Highlights

A New Year, a New SFSD eNewsletter! In this issue you’ll find: Superintendent’s Message — January 2018 SMS Art Student Gets a Surprise Visit from a Famous Poet National School Counselors Week Meet the New SMS Principal Welcome back to school, and we hope your second semester is the best one yet!

Meet the New Silverton Middle School Principal — A Chat With Brett Davisson

New SMS principal Brett Davisson has a goal to make sure every student leaves SMS ready for high school academically, socially, and emotionally. Here is what Davisson had to say during a recent interview.   What are your top goals as principal of SMS? Excellence in Everything is the overarching goal.  Excellence in the classroom […]

National School Counselors Week 2/6

Anyone who remembers being an adolescent can relate to the struggles that teenagers face in middle school. Although these years are full of excitement and discovery, they also pose a variety of challenges, such as making friends, figuring out how to open a locker, navigating the hallways, and trying to focus in class while dealing […]

SMS Art Student Gets Surprise Visit from Famous poet

“Inspiration—It walks in your classroom everyday if you are paying attention, and other days it slaps you in the face. Yesterday was one of those days,” said Shana Chandler, advanced art teacher at Silverton Middle School. After returning to school from winter break, students in Chandler’s class were given a unique assignment: to research someone […]

Superintendent’s Message – January 2018

A Note on Recent Events Before we get into the body of this newsletter, I’d like to point you to a special message on the district’s website, going live the same day as this newsletter. Please take a look when you get the chance. Spending time at Silverton Middle School Happy New Year to our […]