Mark Twain Elementary Students Thriving in New Location

The halls of Mark Twain are looking and sounding a little different this year with the transition from

K-2 students are making good use of the lockers at Mark Twain Elementary School

middle to elementary school that took place last September. With the closure of the old Eugene School building, the littles have moved to Mark Twain and the teens and pre-teens have made their home in the newly renovated Silverton Middle School campus on Schlador Street. As the District’s new K-2 elementary school gains momentum, students are thriving with an outstanding team of teachers and staff.

“I’m constantly amazed by how flexible this team is,” says Mark Twain Elementary Principal Greg Kaatz. “We have a unique mix of teaching styles to meet the diverse needs of our students and the staff members are incredibly patient and responsive.”

Kaatz, who came to Mark Twain from Silverton High School where he served as assistant principal and athletic director, said he is enjoying the chance to work with younger students.

“These early years have such a big impact on their long-term school success. Our job is to make them feel safe, wanted and welcome as we get to know them, understand where they are and provide opportunities for growth and support.”

SFSD K-2 teacher of the year Brittany Zurcher (top left) watches an educational video with her class at Mark Twain Elementary School.

According to Kaatz, the Mark Twain staff has created a great flow for the students on the new campus.

“It’s a very welcoming environment and it’s set up so the teachers can easily walk across the halls to collaborate. It’s also fun to see the younger kids getting the hang of using lockers. It gives them their own little space and keeps things neater than traditional cubbies too.”

The play structure from the old Eugene Field School has also been moved to the Mark Twain campus and construction of a covered play area is nearly complete.