Hometown Heroes — Seven SHS grads help Butte Creek School shine

Butte Creek School is proud to employ seven Silverton High School graduates in a variety of capacities from principal to assistant cook.

Principal Kevin Palmer graduated from SHS in 1980 and went on to Western Oregon University for his undergraduate work and Portland State University for his master’s in teaching. He has worked for the Silver Falls District for 29 years and appreciates the K-8 environment, having worked at every K-8 school in the district.

Palmer enjoys working in the community he grew up in and sees it as a great place to raise a family.

“Growing up in Silverton was ideal. Then as a teen, you can’t wait to get out and as an adult, you can wait to get back,” Palmer said.

District veteran and Silverton High School grad Rhonda Merrifield recently took on the school’s media assistant/librarian position.

“This is my first time at Butte Creek and I’m loving the library,” Merrifield said. “It’s really fun working with the kids.”

Another SFSD veteran, Lanette Willig graduated from Silverton High School in 1978 and has been working in the district for 38 years. She is the media assistant in Butte Creek’s computer lab.

Other Silverton High School grads working at Butte Creek include math teacher Dillon Uselman, office secretary Sheila Zeis, assistant cook Amber Tjaarda and kindergarten teacher Rebecca Kuenzi.