Where to go with compliments, comments, questions or concerns

The Silver Falls School District encourages parents who have questions or concerns about their student or a teacher, or simply have a comment or suggestion, to please first take the matter up with the teacher involved.

“It’s important that community members have a direct way to share their concerns, but the fastest way to get a problem fixed is to take it directly to the individual school team, not the board or the district staff,” said SFSD school board member Wally Lierman. “We want to be sure our principals, teachers and staff are getting direct feedback. The school board’s focus is on overall policy impacting the district and is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the schools. The school team is on the front line and is the best resource for quickly resolving issues.”

“If a problem just can’t be resolved at the local or district level, the board is the ultimate body to hear appeals, so it’s important for us to stay neutral and unbiased in the unlikely event we need to rule on an appeal,” added board member Aaron Koch.