Silver Crest Teachers Step Up to Support Reading

Silver Crest kinders show off the new Rebus Books purchased with funds raised from a recent Jog-a-thon called “Booking it for Books”.

Parents and teachers are doing everything they can to make literacy and reading a priority for students at Silver Crest School. Both the parent boosters and teachers are raising money to buy books and set up a leveled reading room next to the school library so students can easily find books at their individual reading levels.

Recently, kindergarten teacher Christine Guenther organized a jog-a-thon called “Booking it for Books” which raised $350 to purchase 472 books for her kinders. The special “ Rebus Books” purchased by these funds offer a way for very young students to participate in reading books aloud as they are learning to decipher the words on the page. They use pictures of familiar nouns in place of more difficult words.

First grade teacher Jennifer Capener recently won a $2,500 academic award from California Casualty and she used

Silver Crest kinder love reading!

the money to help support the creation of the leveled reading room at Silver Crest. Capener, who struggled with reading as a child, is passionate about literacy and understands what it feels like to be at a different reading level than your peers.

“I struggled in school and was a nonreader when I was in third grade, so I have a passion for reaching kids like me who are having the same trouble,” Capener recently told the Statesman Journal. “My experience makes me keenly aware of what students need. It makes me sensitive to their struggles.”

Every student in the school has benefited from the books the award enabled the school to buy. Capener is also using some of the funding to replace battered book boxes, buy new reading headphones and provide snacks and other basic items for her students.