Like a Good Neighbor . . . Olson is There

School neighbor Jim Olson supports the district and its schools’ activities even though his children graduated quite some time ago.

Silverton resident Jim Olson’s children are grown and no longer in the Silver Falls School District. But that hasn’t stopped Olson’s interest and support of education. With two grandsons in the district, he likes to stay in touch. He lives down the street from the district office and is out in front of his house almost every morning waving to teachers, students and staff as they start their day.

“He’s always there to wave good morning. Sometimes he’ll stop me to ask a question or share a concern,” explained SFSD Superintendent Andy Bellando. “He also attends just about every sports event to cheer on the students and let them know that the community cares about education,”

“The kids are our future,” said Olson. “I think we’ve got a great school system.”