Advanced Math for Rural Schools

Eighth grade students attending the district’s rural schools have opportunities to expand their math skills thanks to visiting math teacher Phil Kelly. Mr. Kelly, SFSD technology coach and a former math teacher, travels to our K-8 schools once a week, bringing

SFSD technology coach and visiting algebra teacher Phil Kelly helps Evergreen 8th graders Lilly Zurbrugg (left) and Hanna Kuenzi (right) stretch their math skills.

Algebra 1 instruction to students who are ready for advanced math. The 8th graders who participate earn high school math credits and get an extra challenge.

“Mr. Kelly personalizes the learning experience for our students who are ready for the next level of math,” said Evergreen Co-Principal Heidi Ostrom. “He helps us ensure that all students are challenged and provided the support they need to learn at their individual level.”