Nearly $2.5 million grant for Seismic Upgrades to Butte Creek and Scotts Mills Schools

Engineers and architects will be selected by mid-June to begin planning efforts for seismic upgrades at Butte Creek and Scotts Mills Schools. The target date for completed construction is scheduled for September 2016.

The Silver Falls School District is the only district in Oregon to received two seismic rehabilitation grants from the state, which will go toward enhancing the future safety of students and staff in the event of an earthquake.

Seismic funding includes $1,477,882 for the Butte Creek School cafeteria and $996,976 for Scotts Mills School gym.
“The money comes from the Seismic Rehabilitation Grant Program, created in 2005 to systematically upgrade schools, universities, hospitals and police and fire stations in Oregon.

To prioritize funding needs in Oregon, a statewide Seismic Needs Assessment using Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) reports was conducted on the seismic safety of K-12 school buildings in 2006 in order to assess their earthquake vulnerability, according the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Studies.