Learning Resource Centers offer a little extra help that goes a long way

Eighth grader Ashton Martin is thriving at school thanks to a little extra support from the Scotts Mills Learning Resource Center (LRC). All of the SFSD schools offer LRCs to provide students with a “double dose” of individual and small group learning time to help boost their math, reading and writing skills.

Martin first came to the LRC for math and now he’s sharpening his reading and fluency skills and making great progress.

“It really helps,” said Martin about his regular visits to the Learning Resource Center. “I’m a math genius now and I started speaking better.”

What makes the LRCs special are school staff members like Learning Specialist Leslie Trommlitz-Leasia who works at Scotts Mills, Pratum and Evergreen to find creative ways to reach students with content.

“This is a place where kids can grow from where they are and focus on personal progress instead of comparing themselves to others.” said Trommlitz-Leasia.

“We see kids making incredible progress already and they’ve only been working with us for two months. Ashton is doing great and his fluency is incredible.”

According to Linda Brown, director of Special Services for SFSD, Leslie Trommlitz-Leasia does more than help students succeed in class.

“As much as she provides academic support, the emotional support is amazing. She really gets kids to believe in themselves,” said Brown.

For Trommlitz-Leasia, the work is very rewarding.

“This is the place in my life I feel most comfortable. It’s my passion and I love the kids and opening doors for them,” said Trommlitz-Leasia.